DFW Gifts: 10 Unexpected Yet Totally Appreciated Gifts You Need for 2017

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DFW Gifts: 10 Unexpected Yet Totally Appreciated Gifts You Need for 2017

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It's that time of year again: Christmas. 

The stress of what to purchase for grandma, what gift your son wants (vs what they need), and what would be the perfect gift for that special loved one are all weighing on your mind. Do you go the route of gift cards? No, too impersonal. Perhaps, a gag sweater? Hey, if they don't like it, it was a joke, right? Wine? 

Everyone loves wine.

If we're honest, we don't know what to buy. Do you? This year, purchase the unexpected and go for the win in gift giving. Here are 10 gift ideas that'll totally make 2017 a little bit brighter (because at this point, anything is better than this year).

1. A Year of Wonder


The Perot Museum has yearly membership passes that can be purchased for $95 per two people. Considering the cost of $19 per person for one visit, for an avid museum goer, a yearly pass would easily cover two visits plus parking for a couple. Why not just go for the gusto, and grab a membership? 

2. Smell the Flowers


For the flower and nature lover, a yearly membership to the Dallas Arboretum is the way to go. On average, two people will spend $45 ($15 per person and $15 to park) attending this beautiful landscape of foliage. However, a yearly membership for one person is $87 (with free parking for any visit) and usually comes with guest passes and member bonuses. 

3. Shop Small


For unique gifts, entrepreneurs and home-made crafts are often the best way to go. Why get the same old pair of boots every other person has when you can get some hand-crafted crochet ones? Why buy her jewelry she may be able to easily find when you can get her something truly one-of-a-kind? Etsy Dallas not only helps you shop small, but it also allows you to shop extraordinary. 

4. Have a Glass


Friendship and relationships often center around how much fun you have when you are together. At the Art of Wine, you get to combine the fun of art with the warm effects of alcohol. The best part is the memorable piece of art you get to take home with you...and the memories. Of course, the memories.

5. Get Away With a Getaway


For that over-stressed, overworked part of your family, a weekend vacation may be just what the doctor ordered. DFW has multiple places to staycation, and is conveniently close to plenty of awesome locales. Why not present a well-planned, well-organized weekend getaway as the perfect gift? 

6. Food and Conversation


Nothing says "I love you" like alone time over an excellently prepared meal. Although Dallas is full of exquisite restaurants (from the upscale to the down home), nothing quite says Christmas like the chef excellence of The Mansion on Turtle Creek. With extravagant food, divine service, and a high-end atmosphere, you are sure to take the "Best Food Gift Award" and they'll do nothing but gush about how excellent you are until next year. 

7. Everything's Touchscreen


Sometimes simple is better, and although touchscreen gloves don't seem like much, they are oh-so-important on a cold day. No one wants to have to slide their digits out into the cold air just to use their phone. Dick's Sporting Goods and Target both keep a stock of inexpensive touch screen gloves for sale, but other DFW shops have more trendy (and expensive) pairs for sale, as well. 

8. Catch Some Air


For that daredevil in your life, flying lessons at American Flyers Dallas or a parachuting trip at Dallas Sky Dive Spaceland may be the way to go. Not only will this say, "I appreciate your adrenaline addiction, and would like to show my support," but it will be the gift that they always remember. Who knows, maybe you'll go with them? Maybe not.

9. Plan For the Future

That member of your squad who loves all things outer space will love it even more every time they glance at their deed to an acre of Mars land. Or perhaps you would like to name a star for them? Though these gifts are more gag than truth, they are definitely something unforgettable. Regardless, there are a multitude of International Dark Sky parks and perfect star-gazing areas in Dallas if you don't feel like committing.

10. No, Really. THIS is Future Planning

Stocks are the gift that keep on giving — sometimes. Many people would like to get into the stock market, but where do they start? How about choosing a Dallas stock for them at Give A Share or Spark Gift and allowing them to enjoy the stock market without ever breaking a dollar of their own. Forget gift cards, this is like a real life cash tree.

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