10 Stories Every Dallasite Will Remember (Or Try To Forget) From 2016

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10 Stories Every Dallasite Will Remember (Or Try To Forget) From 2016

AzureArther, NewsCastic

It's been a long year, and there are quite a few things that we would like to toss in that memory closet in a locked box, and forget. On the other hand, some things are unforgettable, and this year has been full of things we all remember. 

That said, let's look at 10 memories every Dallasite would like to forget or will cherish forever.

Nature Sports


Remember in March when quarter-sized to softball-sized hail crashed down on our world, and wrecked everything from homes to car dealerships? Those two storms caused more than $1 billion in property damage in North Texas and took quite a few of the Fort Worth Zoo's exotic animal population with them when they left.

Party Gone Wrong


In June 2015, McKinney ended up in the news, and we were on the national hot seat for police drama and possible racism. Yet, as usual, we prevailed because Dallas is everything, including racially diverse and unified. Our neighborhoods united, our people united, and if anything, we came out of that situation stronger. Nearly a year to the day, the entire case resurfaced because the case finally went to court.

Give Us a Ball, Any Ball


After nearly twenty years of not taking the trophy home, FC Dallas, our professional soccer club based out of Frisco, won their first Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup, commonly known as the U.S. Open Cup, since 1997. As if that wasn't enough, the team also took home the Supporter's Shield.

It's Your Anniversary


There is no such thing as living in Dallas, and not knowing about Union Station. At some point, we all end up there. This year marked Union Station's 100 year anniversary of connecting all of our railroads together to create one central station. Thanks, Union Station!

Our Boys


Rocking the world with surprise, we mourned and will continue to mourn the lives of five of our boys in blue who were shot in July. In the wake of national news coverage of shootings of unarmed men, one sniper took it upon himself to attack a peaceful protest and took the lives of officers: Brent Thompson, Patrick Zamarripa, Michael Krol, Michael Smith, and Lorne Ahren.



The President came to visit. Twice. Every Dallasite recalls trying to navigate a city that was a bit foreign to them for a brief moment. Security, closed off roads, and learning new ways to get somewhere was fun at times, but a major headache at others. In the end, it was still quite awesome to know that we live in a city that the busiest man in the nation takes time to come to. Twice.

Burn, Baby, Burn


We had over 40 days that were above 100 degrees in Dallas this year. Over a month's worth of scorching Texas sun, where the only reason we're still smiling is because we're Texans and a little heat isn't going to kill us (it may make us grumpy, though). To be fair, we did not come nearly as hot as some of our counterpart cities, but who cares about them?

How About Them...


"How 'bout them Cowboys?" If this isn't the catch phrase to get a Dallasite hyped, you don't know anyone from Dallas. Those four words are our way to say "hi," our way to say "goodbye," our way to diffuse a fight, let those other folks know how we feel, and our way to stunt, as well. And hey, this year, we're definitely stunting.

Goodbye, Food


Some of our favorite restaurants folded, and the Dallas foodies took it hard. RIP to Buttons in Addison, Luscher's Red Hots and On the Lamb in Deep Ellum, Hibiscus on Henderson, and many, many more. It has not been our year for restaurants.

Election Style


We were one of the most watched states in this year's election as we flipped from blue to red, and back again. In the end as the nation watched, we finally made our choice, but they watched us and here in Dallas, we watched the rest of Texas, as well.

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