Bling Ring: 8 Jewelry Shops to Find The Perfect Engagement Ring

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Bling Ring: 8 Jewelry Shops to Find The Perfect Engagement Ring

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I have been engaged for two years and I still don't have a ring.

Partially it's because we don't find rings to be necessary items to show our love, but another part is because we have yet to find anything we like. We're both more non-traditional than anything, and when it comes to ring shopping, it's hard to know where exactly to go. 

I've devised a list of eight jewelry shops in Dallas where I guarantee you'll find the perfect ring — and trust me, I threw a few non-traditional options out there, too. Enjoy!

Sergio's Jewelry

Located in the historic Casa Linda Plaza, Sergio's Jewelry has been serving the communities jewelry needs for 33 years with their vast knowledge and service. Want some custom? That's their specialty! They can repair all types of jewelry onsite, including antique pieces. 

If you're looking for a place to pick up that engagement ring that's a family owned business, this is it.

Located: 9440 Garland Road #170, Dallas.

Fuller's Jewelry

While 33 years may seem like a long time, try this one on for size — Fuller's has been open since 1949 — that's 67 years! And I can imagine after you've been in the business that long, you've seen every single diamond and gemstone a jeweler could see. If you're in Addison, this is the place to go. Just check out their testimonials here.

Located: 15164 Marsh Lane, Addison.

Robbins Brothers

I mean, their name is Robbins Brothers Engagement Ring Store. How could you not find what you're looking for here? This is the only store in Dallas (they do have another location in Arlington) but they're super popular in California — they have eight locations throughout the state! You can check them out online and see all the options they have available, plus read over their blog.

Located: 14080 Dallas Pkwy., Dallas.

Ralph Austin Jewelers

Bling. Bling. Bling. Give me that rose gold any day. But blink and you might miss this little shop of treasures. Ralph Austin Jewelers might be known for working on jewelry, but they have lots of pieces for sale in their show room, too. Take a gander, you will be impressed.

Located: 1905 Skillman St., Dallas.

The Diamond Broker

If you're in north Dallas and scouting out rings, then pop into The Diamond Broker. They pride themselves on engagements rings, as they should. Their selection is undeniably one of the best in the area. Also — you can buy loose diamonds. So if you have a ring that needs a new set, this is where you should go. Just sayin'.

Located: 11930 Preston Road #120, Dallas. 

Dolly Python Vintage

Alright, we're finally at my speed now. While all of the above options might be traditional, they still offer exquisite service. However, I don't do traditional. I love vintage, and I love vintage jewelry — so what better place to explore than Dolly Python Vintage. OK, so I know this isn't a "jewelry store," but they do have jewelry. Lots of it. And you never know what might be coming in tomorrow! If you're into something a bit more off the beaten path, try something quirky. I mean, it's your engagement. Screw societal norms!

Located: 1916 N. Haskell Ave., Dallas.

Village Goldsmith Antiques

This is another hidden gem for truly unique vintage jewelry. Village Goldsmith Antiques is located inside Forestwood Antique Mall and carries new and used items from Rolex to Cartier Watches, James Avery and Tiffany & Co. You best come prepared to drop some dough — these pieces are vintage and worth it. 

Located: 5333 Forest Lane, Dallas.

Diamond and Gold Warehouse

Need a few wholesale engagement rings? Well, you've come to the right place. From wholesale to loose diamonds, bands and more, Diamond and Gold Warehouse carries an array of jewelry for all your needs. It might not be the top place you think of when trying to find an engagement ring, but it's definitely recommended. You never know until you go! 

And don't forget, they do custom work!

Located: 5757 Alpha Road, Suite #610, Dallas.

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