Layover? 10 Things You Can Do Right Now at DFW International Airport

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Layover? 10 Things You Can Do Right Now at DFW International Airport

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Layovers suck, especially when they're hours on end. Sometimes it's the airport. Other times, it's the trip you're making or coming from, or perhaps it's the stops you've had to made. Regardless, no one likes a layover.

Even worse is getting stuck in a gigantic airport without knowing where to go. DFW, the second largest airport in the country, is nearly 30 sq. miles of airport property with every amenity you can possibly conceive. But when you're walking the length of those miles and catching shuttles and escalators around its bends, DFW can be a bit overwhelming. 

Here's our go-to guide to make your journey a little bit easier — especially during the holiday season.

Get Your Heart Rate Up

There's nothing better than stretching your legs after a long flight. Some folks prefer to truly stretch, as in log those steps. The best way to do this at is to hop on the walking path in Terminal D between D6 and D40, which is nearly a mile long and jog up the two staircases that lead up to the Skylink along your path. The best part of this journey is the artwork you get to view along the way.

Find Your Zen

Following along the physical route of breathing through your layover, you may want to take a moment to stretch in one of the airport's free 24-hour yoga studios (located at B1 and E31). Nothing says relax more than balancing in warrior pose and finding your inner peace.

De-Stress with Xpres

XpresSpa, which has four locations inside the airport, offers nearly any or everything you can possibly expect at a spa. You can have a massage, a mani or pedi, grab some to-go massage gear for your flight, facial products and more. The full spa in one of the locations goes a step beyond, and offers hair care and haircuts, as well.

Wear Out the Kiddos

If you are traveling with little ones, you definitely want to head directly over to one of the Junior Flyer's Clubs. These are open air, foam covered mini playgrounds. There are planes and cars available for climbing, crawling, and hardcore playing at A13 and B12. The best things about these areas is that they have a nice seating section for parents, along with charging stations for your electronics. 

Enjoy Some Green

It's a little surprising, but definitely awesome that DFW has a golf course. Bear Creek Golf Course is 36 holes of relaxing, green walking, absolutely idyllic golf. It is easy to book your tee time online, and prices run from $15-40, depending on your membership status.

Shop 'Til You Drop

Go shopping. DFW is full of stores to purchase a little bit of everything, from headphones (Best Buy has eight locations in the airport) to clothing (Brooks Brothers in C14), toys (Geppetto's Toys at A15) to jewelry (Brighton Jewelry & Accessories in A17 and C4). For those of you who want a Texas souvenir, there are multiple places to pick up Dallas Cowboys gear and other western or Texas memorabilia in nearly every terminal.

Grab a Bite to Eat

One thing every airport has is food, and DFW is no different. From the typical stop in storefronts like Auntie Anne's Pretzels and Blimpie to the extravagant and different like Ling & Louie's Asian Comfort food, our airport has a taste for everything and everything for specific tastes. Thankfully, there is a comprehensive list of restaurants online and located throughout the airport.

Schmooz With the Big Wigs

If you're in the mood to hobnob with top executives and possibly run into a few celebrities, DFW offers a multitude of lounges and clubs (with an entry fee, of course). American Airlines Admirals Club lounges are a little bit of everywhere within the airport with some pretty sweet open times, along with the Delta Sky Club, The United Club, The American Express Centurion Lounge, and others that are listed within the international terminals in D21.

Get Some Air

Who doesn't need fresh air after being cooped up in a plane for hours on end? Thankfully, DFW offers Founders' Plaza, which is one of the best places in the airport to plane watch, hang out and look through telescopes, wander the grass and read some plaques, and other interesting aspects. This simply gorgeous park is located on the north side of the airport where Texan Trail and North Airfield Drive meet so getting there is not easy, but the reward is worth it.

For Serious Time

For those serious layovers that are six plus hours, you may want to skip out of the airport and head down the road to Grapevine Mills Mall. Not only is this mall just two miles from DFW International Airport, but it offers everything you could possibly want or need that the airport didn't already offer, including a movie theater.

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