8 New Year’s Resolutions Every Dallasite Has Made (Or Will Make)

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8 New Year's Resolutions Every Dallasite Has Made (Or Will Make)

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Each year at the end of December, we all take a moment to reflect on the past year and everything we've done. Then we create a list of things that will be different in the upcoming year. 

We will do more, be more, and enjoy life more. We promise ourselves that we will work harder and play just as hard, focus on our family and friends or just on ourselves. We promise to put in the time and effort for the projects we want to get done. 

Then the next year comes, and we realize that we didn't cover the whole list, or in some cases, we nod in satisfaction because we did. Well, this year, there are eight things that many Dallasites will put on their resolutions, so here's to 2017!

Have Dinner


It's amazing how many Dallasites haven't been in the Reunion Ball. We make plans to go, but something happens, or we get lazy about driving downtown, or we end up deciding that it's too expensive, too dressy, too something. Well, this year, go to the ball, enjoy a drink with a friend, or have dinner, and enjoy the Dallas skyline from an unparalleled view in the sky.

You live in Dallas, after all. You might as well see it how the world does.

Run, DFW, Run


We all say we're going to train, train, train, and run a marathon. It's going to be a 3k or a 5k, or for those more ambitious people, a 10k. As the months pass we look at the various races — some with foam, some with martinis, others with wine, and many other variations. We think, "Hey, that looks fun. I'm going to sign up for this one." Then, we don't. Well, this year, run, DFW, run!

You'll thank me later.

A Fair Life


There's a surprising amount of Dallas natives, and a serious amount of Dallas transplants who have never been to the State Fair. They've never eaten a fried Oreo or walked beneath Big Tex. 

It's the crowds. It's the days. It's the expense. It's always something, but they plan to go, every year, and don't quite seem to make it.

Channel your inner child. Escape reality for a day.

Travel DFW Style


DFW International is huge, and no matter where you live, even if it's one of the greatest cities in the USA (Dallas), you dream to travel. You want to be on exotic beaches, traipsing through Paris, dancing salsa in South America, and every year you say you are going to make it happen. 

This is the year you board a plane and head off to foreign lands. 

Be the Line


There are a host of restaurants that we all say we would like to try, but man, those lines, those reservations, those fees, that parking — UGH. 

One of these restaurants is Fuel City. It's a bit urban, a bit out of the way, but supposedly some of the best tacos in the city (at least those who have eaten them say these things). 

This year, plan to get in line and try some food. You owe it to yourself to try something new.

Go Local


So many local restaurants, so little time. We fly past them, and say, Velvet Taco, huh? I'm going to eat there one day. A friend brags about Dorito ceviche, and we take note, and say we'll try it one day. The office goes to dinner at Ra, and we eye Hop Doddy's and wonder if they're burgers are as good as they look. Then we say, this year, I'll get out more. I'll try new things, discover new places, find a new favorite restaurant.

This is the year of no fast-food. 

Stay a Night


Who hasn't driven past the Joule Hotel, the Omni Hotel, the W, and wanted to just take a weekend to be pampered, and rub noses with some of the other pampered folks? You've got 365 days, so pick one to treat yourself and make it happen.

You owe it to yourself. No one works harder than you do.

Park Away


Many of the parks in Dallas do some big things, but none of them do as many as Klyde Warren does. If you haven't perused their food trucks, taken a moment to have sunrise yoga, danced on the green to a live concert, and more, more more, you should. This year, take a moment to hang out at everyone's favorite park.

Get out. Enjoy life!

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