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  • 8 New Year’s Resolutions Every Dallasite Has Made (Or Will Make)

    Each year at the end of December, we all take a moment to reflect on the past year and everything we've done. Then we create a list of things that will be different in the upcoming year. 

    We will do more, be more, and enjoy life more. We promise ourselves that we will work harder and play just as hard, focus on our family and friends or just on ourselves. We promise to put in the time and effort for the projects we want to get done. 

    Then the next year comes, and we realize that we didn't cover the whole list, or in some cases, we nod in satisfaction because we did. Well, this year, there are eight things that many Dallasites will put on their resolutions, so here's to 2017!

  • Layover? 10 Things You Can Do Right Now at DFW International Airport

    Layovers suck, especially when they're hours on end. Sometimes it's the airport. Other times, it's the trip you're making or coming from, or perhaps it's the stops you've had to made. Regardless, no one likes a layover.

    Even worse is getting stuck in a gigantic airport without knowing where to go. DFW, the second largest airport in the country, is nearly 30 sq. miles of airport property with every amenity you can possibly conceive. But when you're walking the length of those miles and catching shuttles and escalators around its bends, DFW can be a bit overwhelming. 

    Here's our go-to guide to make your journey a little bit easier — especially during the holiday season.

  • 10 Stories Every Dallasite Will Remember (Or Try To Forget) From 2016

    It's been a long year, and there are quite a few things that we would like to toss in that memory closet in a locked box, and forget. On the other hand, some things are unforgettable, and this year has been full of things we all remember. 

    That said, let's look at 10 memories every Dallasite would like to forget or will cherish forever.

  • Five Things Friday: 5 Things To Do This Weekend

    As we drive forward into the holiday season, with just over a week until Christmas, we have to take a moment to reflect...on what we will do this weekend. 

    No matter what your plans are, one thing you definitely want to be doing is having some fun. Here are five things that are our weekend definition of adventure.

  • 10 Must See Dallas Locations Even Santa Would Envy (Rudolph, Too)

    The Holiday season in DFW is a time when our city loves to put on the sparkle and cheer. From one end of town to the other, a true winter wonderland is born every December (and neatly tucked away by the second week of January). 

    To make sure you don't miss out on the chance to experience as many of these Holiday escapades and vistas as you can, we've put together a list of our favorites that'll even have Santa second guessing where he lives.

  • DFW Gifts: 10 Unexpected Yet Totally Appreciated Gifts You Need for 2017

    It's that time of year again: Christmas. 

    The stress of what to purchase for grandma, what gift your son wants (vs what they need), and what would be the perfect gift for that special loved one are all weighing on your mind. Do you go the route of gift cards? No, too impersonal. Perhaps, a gag sweater? Hey, if they don't like it, it was a joke, right? Wine? 

    Everyone loves wine.

    If we're honest, we don't know what to buy. Do you? This year, purchase the unexpected and go for the win in gift giving. Here are 10 gift ideas that'll totally make 2017 a little bit brighter (because at this point, anything is better than this year).

  • Tales From the Speakeasy: Who Is the Dallas Crime Family?

    We have our faults and our issues, but for the most part, Dallas is a center of cultural diversity. No one group or person controls every aspect of our streets or government. There isn't an organization that has their fingers in every restaurant, store, or bar. We are a booming definition of capitalism. 

    Yet, at one point, this was not the case. 

    During the 1920s through 1950s, the Dallas crime family had their fingers in every pie, including speakeasies during the Prohibition Era, grocery stores that served as fronts for gambling dens, and casinos that offered much more than a chance to lose your money at the tables. That said, let's take a look at the mafia's presence in Dallas during the Roaring Twenties and beyond.

  • Five Things Friday: 5 Things To Do In DFW This Weekend

    Once again the weekend is here, and this time, oh baby — it's FINALLY cold outside. 

    It is finally, officially, without warning, winter in DFW. 

    So what will you do now that you have the excuse to pull out your warmest clothing? Will you snuggle in with a blanket and sweater? Or will you get out and about? 

    Well, if you do decide to brave the chill, here are five things to look forward to.

  • 6 Bottle Shops in North Dallas That Could Easily Break the Bank

    Wine. What a vast and nearly incomprehensible industry. There are grape, still, dessert, sparkling, table, cooking, botrytized (natural sweet wines), and more classifications and sub-classes than even a wine expert can be pressed to define. There are reds, whites, blush, and in-betweens. And they're expensive or cheap, heavy or light, flavorful or flat, fruity or...well, you get the point. 

    Basically, you need your own personal sommelier (a wine steward) to help you navigate your options. Look, this story is educational, too!

    As with everything, DFW does wine to the max. We have the low end and the high end — and everything in between. Let's take a look at the echelon of wines in DFW, aka, the fancy stuff.

  • Secrets of a Bookworm: 7 Bookstores You Didn’t Know Existed in DFW

    Every reader has their own quirky favorite when it comes to books — whether it be the scent of the library, the tactile texture of a page, the font or imaging on a cover. These book lovers are particular about where they shop, know store workers by name, and how to navigate certain shelves with their eyes closed. What they often do not know is where the other book lovers are shopping. That said: Let's take a look at 8 bookstores here in DFW that are out of sight, but not forgotten. 

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